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Volume 5, Issue 2, December 2019, Page: 39-43
Assess the Impact of Puberphonia in the Society
Kumaresan Muthiah, Department of Otorhino Laryngology Siva ENT Hospital, Chennai, India
Navin Bharath Kumaresan, Department of Otorhino Laryngology Siva ENT Hospital, Chennai, India
Received: Jun. 1, 2019;       Accepted: Oct. 18, 2019;       Published: Nov. 19, 2019
DOI: 10.11648/j.ijo.20190502.12      View  525      Downloads  96
Puberphonia is a voice disorder which is distinguished by the habitual and continuous use of prepubertal high-pitched voice of a child even after puberty. It is not a rare disorder; it is followed by a synopsis of current approaches to treat puberphonia in males. The impact of voice disorder varies greatly from person to person, environment, occupation, family members and overall personality. These are all the variables that can affect the way voice disorder affect a particular person. In general, people with puberphonia tend to encounter problems that include emotional, psychological, social and professional difficulty. To assess the impact of puberphonia in levels of society, the study was carried out as a descriptive simple purposive sampling technique used and was able to treat 476 cases in our puberphonia clinic by using self-administered questionnaire. As investigators, we found out the impact of puberphonia. Puberphonia treatments are discussed in terms of pharyngeal resonance manipulation, fire breathing techniques and habituation. The study was analyzed for the social impact of puberphonia on marriage and job opportunity. The study was concluded that, other problems of puberphonia includes depression, loneliness, cowardice, low self-esteem and inferiority complex and thinking of suicide which would be the take home message from our long experience of 29 years in treating puberphonia. We discussed thoroughly further knowledge about puberphonia among the society and health professionals.
Puberphonia, Pharyngeal Resonance Manipulation, Breathe of Fire Yoga, Voice Care, Suicide Tendency
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